Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, Killing Bono, & Tower Heist

The Never Not a Nerd Show has been postponed (due to no power from Snowmageddon), and hopefully we’ll get to make that up next week. Until then, we’re going to do what we normally do on the show and “Marry/Bang/Kill” these three movies.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Harold & Kumar are kind of a poor man’s version of Cheech & Chong. Their movies are fun, but not great. I’m often times a sucker for 3D movies, and this one looks like they’re going to get ridiculous with it.

Jamie says: Marry – I know, I know. Look, in a stronger week this would be a “bang” at best, but I’m actually excited to see this.

Rick says: Kill – It would take the other two movies being Paranormal Activity 4 and Transformers 4 for me to consider “marrying” this.

Killing Bono

A movie about a band trying to find success in the shadow of their classmate’s band. It just so happens they went to school with U2. This is a limited release that I plucked out to give us the three we needed.

Jamie says: Bang – It looks like it could be pretty funny. Also, sometimes I wish someone would punch Bono in the face, so the title is funny.

Rick says: Marry – I’m “marrying” this because I know the least about it.

Tower Heist

Ben Stiller works for a company that is apparently run by Alan Alda’s character. He steals their money (in the legal way), and they want it back (in the illegal way). It’s Ocean’s 14. F**k You. I almost fell asleep while writing this, and the poster for it makes me want to punch someone in the face.

Jamie says: Kill – Without mercy. I wrote that bit above, so you knew this was coming.

Rick Says: Bang - Eddie Murphy was the shit once upon a time, even if those days are long gone

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