Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Bucky Larson, Contagion, & Warrior

This week we have a Happy Madison film, a “virus thriller”, and the MMA version of Rocky.

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

Nick Swardson has made some decent career decisions (Grandma’s Boy). This looks like one of his worst. This is mainly here as a warning not to see it.



Everyone that’s ever been famous is in this movie. It’s about a virus that’s killing EVERYONE. This could be one of those films that unnecessarily scares people from ever going out in public again.



Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy play brothers that just so happen to face each other in an MMA tournament that they’re both in for their own reasons.


Pick of the Week : This is one of the toughest weeks in a while. I’m quite torn between whether I’d rather see Contagion or Warrior. Split second decision – Warrior. I guess I’m just more interested in seeing a heartfelt film about family and MMA than I am to see a film about a plague.

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