Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – The Big Year, The Skin I Live In, & The Thing

This week we have three “the” movies. Bet you can’t guess which one will be Pick of the Week! The answer lies below.

The Big Year

A PG comedy starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black.

Question 1.) When was the last time you saw a hilarious PG comedy? Let’s face it, vulgarity and crudeness is funny.

Question 2.) Can you see these actors being doing well in a PG setting?  This is PG, not even PG-13.

You know the saying “beware of horror movies that are rated PG-13″? (did I just make that up?) Well, the same goes for PG rated comedies.

The Skin I Live In

I had to watch Hable Con Ella for a film reviewing class in college. In that Pedro Almodovar proved himself a master of showcasing the depths of human obsession. “In The Skin I Live In” Antonio Banderas plays a plastic surgeon “interested” (obsessed) with creating a skin for his burned wife.

The Thing

How do you make a ‘prequel’ and give it the exact same title as the original? Did you know John Carpenter’s 1982 version was a remake of the REAL original The Thing from 1950? So, this is essentially a pre-re-re-make-quel.

Pick of the Week : I have to go with The Skin I Live In, mostly because it’s the only one of the three I didn’t crap on. I also think it will be a great film about a man driven to insane acts by love and his “good intentions”.

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