Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Bad Teacher & Cars 2

This week we have a raunchy comedy about a money-hungry teacher and a sequel to what is arguably the worst Pixar film yet.

Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz plays a terrible teacher who is interested in a new substitute because she thinks he has money. She then learns the teacher whose students get the best test scores get a big bonus, so she starts to try, in her own way.


Cars 2

The sequel to Cars is no longer in Radiator Springs, but is now an international spy film. It still stars Larry the Cable Guy as Mater and it doesn’t look like it will improve upon Cars. Millions of kids everywhere will make this a commercial success though.


Pick of the Week: While Bad Teacher doesn’t look amazing I have to go with it because it’s competition is Cars 2, a sequel to a film I didn’t care for, that come out of a studio I LOVE. Cars 2 will be the much larger commercial success, and it might even be a better movie than Bad Teacher. I’m just saying if I had to choose right now I’d go see Bad Teacher.

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