Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – The Last Airbender or Stay Home

Yeah, that’s really it. Unless you’re a Twilight fan, which I don’t really want to shun you if you are, but I’m not going to recommend it at all.

The Last Airbender

I’ve heard around the grapevine that this is one of the worst movies of the summer, and I’m guessing Andrew would rather be punched in the genitals than watch it, so we might not be reviewing it. Or, I guess it’s up to me if it happens or not.

A Comfy Sofa & Netflix or a DVD

Look how comfortable that sofa looks! It looks like you’d sink into it, in a good way.

It’s fourth of July weekend, so you should probably be out blowing up fireworks(I didn’t just tell you that), or doing something outside if the weather is nice near you. If it’s not you can just go with the Weekend Wonderer.

Show Your Friends How Cool You Are