Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – 50/50 & Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

No, there isn’t a movie called “Tucker”, that’s one movie title. See which one you should be scrounging your pennies to see.


I kind of hope this movie is good. It looks like it could be funny while being heartfelt. I have said that if I don’t like this movie Seth Rogen is dead to me, and I won’t see any more of his movies, and I truly mean that.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

This looks like the best movie about two hillbillies in the woods with a group of kids that think the hillbillies are killing them one by one, even though they’re not. This is in limited release.


Pick of the Week : 50/50 looks decent, but I have to go with Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. It looks awesome. Track it down.

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