A Storybook Bird-mance

Ivy the Kiwi? is a game about a baby bird looking for her mother. You’re responsible for helping her traverse the stages safely by creating/stretching vines under her feet and keeping her out of harms way. Ivy runs on her own without any assistance and controlling her speed is not something you can do, unless you give her inclined vines to walk up.

Should you let this flightless bird run into your heart?


  • The actual story is told through scenes that read like a beautifully drawn children’s book. The art in the background of the stages also has a French animation feel to it.
  • Simple controls, all you have to do is stretch vines under her feet after all.
  • There are feathers floating in every level, which add an extra challenge and some replay value.


  • I played the Wii version. I can see the DS version being a little better due to ease of control, because you’d be touching the screen and “drawing” vines that way.
  • The game is pretty cheap, but I really recommend trying this game before a purchase. You really only do that one thing, stretch vines, and it can get a little old.

Ivy the Kiwi? isn’t a bad game, it’s just a one-trick pony. Unless you’re really excited about creating vines under a bird you can’t directly control’s feet, you’re not going to love this. If you think you would, then by all means get it. It’s only $30, but considering the amount of content that could still be a little too much.

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