Step Your Game Up

In this past Monday’s Alphas the team is tasked with stopping a terrorist plot by a group of anti-human Alphas called “Red Flag”. That’s really it, there’s not too much background, and it kind of just dives right in. It’s all very Professor X vs. Magneto.


  • The raid in the beginning of the episode was probably the best scene in the entire show. Chase and Bill both using their abilities to their advantage was huge in that scene.
  • Speaking of Chase, other than being whiny, he’s getting really awesome. It seems like he’s a lot more comfortable with using his abilities, and there’s not only one cool Chase moment in this episode.
  • Gary is still annoying, and a lot of this episode focused on him.
I’d say this was the best episode of the entire series so far. They set a concrete villain for the show to move forward with (other than Binghamton), and they had more scenes of Chase being awesome. That’s what this show needs, a format where you leave it thinking “I can’t wait for next week!”, and the best way for them to do that would be to implement a long-running story-arc, and to have Chase do cool things throughout the episode.
They’re blowing it by making next week’s episode about a high school kid, instead of diving into pursuing Red Flag.
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