Stay Away From the Light

Jackie Estacado is the boss now. It’s been two years since he’s last used the darkness, and now a mysterious group called The Brotherhood is trying to take down his organization and take the darkness for themselves. He needs to let the darkness out in order to survive and find out who the hell these guys are.

That’s the story for the most part. I never finished the first Darkness game, so I was a little confused by this one.


  • Oh, the sweet carnage. The Darkness, two demon arms that come out of your shoulders, are very fun and very violent ways to kill your enemies. You can use the grabbing arm to pick up and throw things at enemies, you can use the slashing arm to chop them in half, or you can stagger them then do a brutal execution.
  • In something that you normally don’t notice unless it’s really good or really bad, I really liked the level design. Lights are basically your biggest foe, so you have to carefully pick off lights that you can, and stay away from lights that can’t be destroyed. It adds a subtle element of strategy to the gameplay.
  • The Vendettas mode is a separate co-op story that kind of ties in to the single player story. You can play as one of four characters, each with their own powers and execution. I tried them all, and Shoshanna’s execution is the craziest.


  • The story isn’t super strong. Half of the time I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be the loveable villain or the good guy. A lot of elements are confusing, especially the ending which is very “what the hell? “. It’s also not very friendly for people who haven’t played the first game, even if they do try and explain it.

The Darkness 2 probably wouldn’t make a great movie, because of the lacking story, but as a game it works well. The gameplay is solid and that’s mostly what matters. The campaign isn’t very long and depending on how much you want to replay the vendettas missions is going to determine the longevity of this title. For that reason this is more of a try before you buy kind of game. I liked it, but I didn’t pay $60 for it, and I don’t think I would.

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