Star Wars: Crimson Empire III – Empire Lost #1 – Preview

A 6-part miniseries about the last Imperial guardsmen starts this coming Wednesday. Check below for the official Dark Horse synopsis and some preview images.

Star Wars: Crimson Empire, the story of the last Imperial Guardsman, returns after over a decade of anticipation!

The reach of the New Republic is expanding, but the days of fighting for the galaxy have not ended. A threat against Princess Leia and Han Solo’s family disrupts usual business on Coruscant–and Luke Skywalker’s Jedi training on Yavin 4!

In another part of the galaxy, a former Imperial Guardsman turned bounty hunter, Kir Kanos, is ready to settle an old score after three years in hiding–if a new adversary doesn’t kill him first!

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized images.

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