More Space Marines, More Space Nazis

Killzone 3 is the latest (and greatest?) game in Sony’s premiere First Person shooter series(at least until SOCOM 4 comes out). It is a direct follow-up to 2009’s Killzone 2, where you stormed the hall-like base of Emperor Visari(the Fuhrer), and your idiot AI partner thought it’d be a good idea to shoot him because he was mad. All that accomplished was pissing off the Helghast people and rallying them behind two emergent leaders

I can’t comment on the inclusion of Move controls or 3D, because I have yet to get a Move or a 3D TV…yet.


  • The weapons feel a lot better this time around. The rifle has a scope(did the rifle in Killzone 2 have a scope? Let me check…nope), there are heavy weapons like the minigun & Wasp rocket launcher, and the addition of silenced weapons doesn’t hurt. I found owning the enemy AI with the bolt gun to be extremely satisfying.
  • Speaking of silenced weapons, the stealth level where you have to get past the Helghan troops preferably without alerting them(that’s what stealth is, isnt it?) is one of the games best. It’s a nice change of pace in a game where you usually just run and gun with a little bit of cover sprinkled in.
  • Multiplayer is streamlined in this entry to the series. Warzone’s still here, but gone are the days where you could set up a game in which you selected which aspects of Warzone to play. There is, however, a death match only mode called Guerrilla Warfare, and a new mode called Operations. So players that prefer either only deathmatch or only objective based multiplayer games can get their fix.
    • Every class is playable from the start unlike in Killzone 2, but the abilities that come with each are rather weak and need to be upgraded with points earned through playing.
    • Gone is the ridiculous Assault class that carried the power of increased speed and health for a limited time when activated. Instead, now the Infiltrator(Sabotage in Killzone 2) has a secondary power that includes unlimited sprint and an increase in speed.
  • Operations is the shining star here. It’s objective based and the objectives change based on the map. Every linked section is bridged by a short cut scene, and if you’re one of your team’s best performers then you will be featured in the cut scene.


  • Sometimes I think they just weren’t paying attention when they made Killzone 3, especially the testers. When you hit a door with your gun, why does it take a second before the door breaks? It isn’t like this is some weird isolated thing that’s odd to do in the game. EVERYONE who plays the campaign HAS to break through the same doors in the same spot the same way. Yet, it doesn’t work properly.
  • The co-op, which wasn’t a main focus during development, shows that to an almost humorous degree. As a co-op partner you play as Natko, a forgettable character from Killzone 2. There is zero mention or appearance of Natko during the single-player play through of Killzone 3. ZERO. But, play in co-op and all of a sudden he’s there, he’s not in any cut scenes of course, they used the same cut scenes they use in single-player.
  • Like I said before, the inability to customize a multiplayer game is kind a drag. There’s no more option to just play search and destroy, which everyone knows is the best section in Warzone. We’re also not going to get any more hilarious melee only or pistol only games like we did in Killzone 2.

I was going to make a comment about how the single player campaign is fairly short, but that’s usual for an FPS nowadays.

Killzone 3 isn’t a bad game, it’s just not the greatness I, and a lot of other people, were hoping for. It’s worth a play through, and I really like the multiplayer, I just don’t know if it’s going to rope me in and keep me playing throughout the year like the last game did.

This isn’t the Helghan leader, but if you were ever wondering how far the Nazi/Hitler reference might go, this is a shot I took with my phone during a cut scene. He’s one of the committee(i guess you’d call it that) of leaders.


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