South Park – Faith Hilling

Has anyone else been kind of disappointed by the current season of South Park so far? I really liked Cash for Gold, but Reverse Cow Girl and last night’s episodes have been departures from the normal awesome.

The Premise
Stan and the guys are at the Colorado Republican debate to “Faith Hill” it. Faith Hilling is when a guy pulls his shirt out to look like boobs. It’s pretty much about the dangers of memes and how cats rule the internet.

Good Stuff

  • They used real audio clips from the republican presidential candidates.
  • The “planking is deadly” poster
  • “Tebowing” gets you killed by a train
  • “How can we be passe? We’re only in 4th grade” – Kyle
  • “Taylor Swifting”
  • Egyptians “Donkey dicking”
  • A cat being arrested
  • “Go back to the 90’s! Fag-goooots!” – Random passerby
  • Ron Paul was replaced by a cat – maybe they didn’t want to put him in that situation

Make It Better

  • “Bradying” – seriously guys?
  • “Taylor Swifting” – I can’t decide if it’s funny, or I hate it
  • “Cat breading” – I know they didn’t start it, but still
  • Butters situation
  • Ron Paul was replaced by a cat – it’s both funny and sad

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