South Park – Cash For Gold

Season 16 continued Wednesday night with the show taking on a very popular industry and who it affects. Check below for the synopsis, what made it good, and what could have been better.


The Premise
Stan’s grandfather buys him a gold and diamond bolo tie, but Stan doesn’t really want it so he decides to try and trade it in at a Ca$h For Gold place. After finding out that it’s not worth nearly as much as it was paid for Cartman decides to exploit this find to his advantage while Stan, Kyle, and Kenny try to get to the bottom of this industry that preys on the elderly.

Good Stuff

  • The assisted living home is called “Looming Sunset”
  • “It’s a recreation of the bolo tie worn by Henry the V” – Stan “Dude, it’s f**king gay as f**k” – Cartman  “I know” – Stan
  • The guy spinning the cash for gold sign
  • “Welcome to Taco Bell, would you like to try our Doritos locos tacos?”
  • 86 ct genuine faux sapphire
  • The formula for gold
  • “You’re the definition of evil. Kill yourself” – Stan
  • “I’m going to start the bidding for this at, 8 billion dollars” – Cartman
  • “Whoever made the rhyme did the crime” – Cash For Gold guy
  • “We’re not f**king you, they’re f**king Stan’s grandpa” – Kyle
  • The montage showing how the cheap jewelry business works
  • Squirrel wearing a top hat at the park
  • “You’re scared. You got lady balls” – old man calling the shopping network

Make it Better

  • Cartman referencing getting f**ked by the woman that bought the ring from him
  • The Asian jewelry store
  • The very end – it’s a little much



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