South Park – Butterballs

After the previous weeks episode was easily the best of the season could they keep up the greatness?

The Premise

Butters is being bullied, so the school gets Bucky Bailey, a bullying counselor in. After pushing Mr Mackey to let him give an anti-bullying talk Bucky Bailey gets some of the kids, led by Stan to make an anti-bullying video.

Good Stuff

  • Butters is being bullied by his grandma
  • “Nice pants, why do you wear them up to your tits?” – Bucky Bailey
  • “Let’s all get together and make bullying kill itself” – Anti- Bullying song
  • “Just be careful you don’t end up naked and jacking it in San Diego” – Kyle
  • This is obviously a dig on Harvey Weinstein getting pissed about the MPAA decision to give Bully an R and how people who make “awareness videos” are mostly self-important. Particularly that KONY video guy.
  • Dr. Oz being an idiot
  • Butters monologue to his grandma


Make It Better

  • Butters grandmother is super creepy
  • Butters grandma’s villain costume
  • The musical scene at the end

This was a pretty good episode, especially the digs against the makers of “Bully”. Because if every kid needs to see it, then why not put it on the internet for free?

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