Sounds Like Shrimp

One of the first shows I think of when someone mentions polarizing comedy is Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! It’s one of those things that has a rabid fan base, yet a lot of other people find it disgusting and not funny. I’m in the middle. Sometimes I find it very funny, other times I find it very off-putting.

In Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie a businessman named Tommy Schlaaang has funded a movie the duo made with a billion dollars of his own money, and the movie sucks. They accidentally cast a fake Johnny Depp and the final product isn’t even feature length. When Schlaaang funded the movie he had Tim & Eric sign a contract making them responsible for the billion. So they skip town and take over one of the worst malls ever in an effort to make the money back.


  • I’ll be honest, I laughed quite a bit. I’m not really down with the poop/filth humor, but it was funny at a lot of different moments.
  • Will Forte deserves his own bullet. I just loved his character. I think a lot of my laughs happened when he was on screen.
  • The text ending. I usually kind of hate it when fictional movies resort to ending the story by telling you what the characters went on to do, but in this it was really funny and I’m glad they did it.


  • The poop and the filth. I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Tim & Eric really love their poop jokes. I do not care for their poop jokes. The Shrim scene was way too much.

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie was better than I expected it to be, but an R-rated Tim & Eric still isn’t going to make a fan out of anyone that wasn’t into them before. If you hate their humor you’re going to hate this movie.

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