Sony E3 2010 Press Conference Live Blog

Okay here we go.


3:01 PM- Jack Tretton is out talking about the awesomeness of the SONY platforms.

3:02 PM- SONY isn’t just confined to the living room. Create experience that goes beyond gaming and into connectivity.

3:03 PM- Kaz Hirai! Long time no see! Looks like we are going to hear a lot about 3D gaming for PS3.

3:04 PM- Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D. Maybe they did not know about the 3DS?

3:05 PM- 20 titles in full HD 3D by March 2011. First to bring “real 3D.”

3:05 PM – Killzone 3 making its debut! DEMO!

3:06 PM- Guerilla developing Killzone 3 from the ground up with 3D in mind. Most ambitious game they have made to date.

3:07 PM- Put your 3D glasses on everyone. Oh wait…

3:07 PM- Demo takes place in the north arctic of Helghan. Pre Alpha Code.

3:08 PM- Mad jet packs up in this piece! Frame rate is really slow for some reason. Maybe the double rendering for 3D slowing it down?

3:09 PM- We’re riding a jet pack right now and mowing down mad heads.

3:10 PM- No HUD besides the blood splatter to illustrate damage. Because of its pre alpha?

3:11 PM- Still shooting…a bridge just blew up and, a new level just started. On a hover transport with a mini gun flying around what looks like a fuel depot. Lots of Modern Warfare business going down here. Demo ends with explosion.

3:12 PM- Killzone 3 due out Feb. 13, 2011. Fully compatible with Playstation Move.

3:13 PM- Kaz is back.

3:14 PM- What Avatar did for movies, PS3 titles like Killzone 3 will do for games. Biggest titles will be in 3D. Sly, Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3.

3:15 PM- Tron, Mortal Kombat, NBA 2K11, Crysis 2, and others are also going to be for 3D.

3:16 PM- Kaz is leaving with another 3D video. It’s a bunch of TV broadcasts.

3:17 PM- Lots of playstation products and they lead up to a pair of 3D glasses. Looks like Sony is going all out on the most expensive technology on the planet right now.

3:18 PM- Video just showed an awesome Kung Lao fatality from the new MK game. Go to say it looked awesome!

3:19 PM- Welcome back Jack Tretton!

3:19 PM- 15 year anniversary of Playstation. Shows the devotion of consumers, especially with the PS2.

3:20 PM- And we’re off with the Playstation Move. Jack’s saying that it is all about realism.

3:21 PM- Peter Dille is out here now. Playstation Move is all about blending casual and hardcore gamers.

3:22 PM- Detailing how it works…nothing new here folks.

3:23 PM- Developers have told Sony that the data feedback of the Move is great.

3:23 PM- Video screening with Sony developers telling you how good the Move. Some Kevin Butler in there too dissing on Kinect.

3:24 PM- “We can make games that no longer need any explanation.” Video ends.

3:25 PM- Buttons are critical to precision. Realism is added with combination of 3D.

3:26 PM- Nearly 40 developers working with Move.

3:27 PM- New games being revealed. First up, Christian Busic from Workshop. He’s talking about a new game called Sorcery.

3:28 PM- Live demo of Sorcery with the Move. Apparently stretching before hand is required. Looks like Harry Potter meets Fable.

3:29 PM-Full 1:1 action with the character on screen. Zapping lots of little goblin guys with a combination of spells.

3:31 PM- Character just turned into a rat. Now back to human form. Lighting goblin on fire. Everything looks great!

3:32 PM- Spells can alter environment. Broken bridge is repaired by swinging your arm.

3:32 PM- Huge rock monster charges at screen, end of demo.

3:33 PM- Next game is… an EA sports game. Welcome Andrew Wilson from EA Sports. Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

3:34 PM- Live demo, calibration needed.

3:35 PM- Umm…that is NOT1:1 movement.

3:36 PM- Demo totally just denied Mr. Wilson but it seems things are working much better at the moment.

3:37 PM- Still hitting golf balls. Crowd trying to get in on the fun with support.

3:38 PM- Will he make the putt…HE DOES!

3:38 PM- Tiger will be available as a demo on the Move’s demo disc that ships with it this fall.

3:39 PM- New game now. It seems to be a mash-up of all of Sony’s furry main characters.

3:40 PM- Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and the Ratchet and Clank characters all under one Move platformer.

3:41 PM- Coca-Cola is a marketing partner. Coke products will market the Playstation Move and select games.


3:42 PM- Kevin is now addressing the Sony Nation. Dissing more on XBOX.

3:43 PM- One liners about gaming continue…

3:44 PM- Kevin Butler loves gaming. If you love gaming, you love the Move.

3:46 PM- Chariots of Fire spoof here with a speech about the Move uniting gamers.

3:47 PM- Launch details for the Move. Sept 19 it will be in stores.

3:49 PM- The navigation controller for the Move will be sold separately for 30 bucks. So both controllers for Move will be 70 bucks.

3:50 PM- Eye Toy, Move controller, and game will be sold together for 100 bucks. Video screening now about the Move. Similar to the one that aired at GDC.

3:51 PM- So if you do not have the eye toy and want the complete Playstation Move set, it will be 130 bucks?

3:52 PM- Jack’s back.

3:53 PM- Moving onto the PSP.

3:54 PM- New marketing movement for the PSP. It’s Kevin Butler and the black kid from Role Models dissing on Apps and Nintendo.

3:55 PM- Marcus is now the new face of the PSP. These TV spots are very similar to the Kevin Butler ones except with this new kid instead. The new tagline is “Step Your Game Up.”

3:57 PM- Teaser for God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

3:58 PM- It tells you absolutely nothing except Kratos is about to go after a huge city in the distance.

3:59 PM- 70 new titles for the PSP by this December. Some of these games are already out, so more like 60?-40?

4:01 PM- Fat Princess, EyePet, and others are coming to the PSP.

4:02 PM- PSN is the subject now. PS3 is the most “connected” console on the market. Don’t know what that means…

4:03 PM- Playstation Home has a mock-up of their booth at E3 for special offerings.

4:04 PM- Littlebigplanet 2 time!

4:05 PM- Alex Evans from Media Molecule is out to show off more about LBP 2.

4:06 PM- Unbelievable amount of creativity in this game. RTS, RPG, platformers and shooters are now all available to create!

4:07 PM- Demo on the screen of a gameplay mechanic. No idea what is really going on here other than a demo of what you can do with the particular new tool sets.

4:08 PM- New top down camera for a sumo mini game. This is really amazing game design. Multiplayer on the screen now akin to Smash Bros.

4:09 PM- Wrapping up with gameplay footage.

4:10 PM- 24 hours with the LBP 2 engine and there are some crazy games that people created. I am floored.

4:11 PM- Well that just stole the show…

4:11 PM- Subscription package called Playstation Plus. A premium for PSN. Optional for the user.

4:12 PM- Early demos, discounts in the PSN store, automatic demos, and other things. One year subscription is 50 bucks while 6 months is 30.

4:13 PM- Once your subscription ends, you no longer have access to the premium content you once had.

4:14 PM- EA is supporting all of the Playstation initiatives. Exclusive content is coming. Let’s find out what it is.

4:15 PM- Two new titles with exclusive content. The first is Medal of Honor.

4:16 PM- All new character reveal trailer.

4:17 PM- His name is Deuce and he rides ATVs. He also murders people with stealth.

4:18 PM- Unlockable beards in multiplayer. Epic.

4:19 PM- Multiplayer trailer that is different from the one screened at EA press conference.

4:20 PM- Looks really good and a lot like MW2.

4:21 PM- Limited edition version only available for PS3. It comes with a new version of Medal of Honor Frontline.

4:22 PM- Dead Space 2 is the second game. Exclusive demo that continues the one from EA booth on now. It’s a boss fight.

4:23 PM- Dead Space 2…I love you.

4:24 PM- Dead Space 2 limited edition pack. Basically you get Dead Space 2 and Dead Space Extraction which is compatible for the Playstation Move.

4:25 PM- So limited edition versions of the games. No in game differences.

4:26 PM- Glados and Gabe Newell just took the stage. Looks like you’re eating your words, Gabe.

4:27 PM- Portal 2 for the PS3 and Steam.

4:27 PM- Trailer for Portal 2!

4:29 PM- Final Fantasy XIV trailer. Lot’s of elvs and other FF stuff. The summons/bosses look really awesome as well. If you like FF online, things are looking great for your wallet to be empty.

4:30 PM- Hours of additional content will be available for Mafia II via 2k Games.

4:31 PM- Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood exclusive mission pack and multiplayer beta for PS3. World premier look at the content…now!

4:32 PM- I have no idea how this multiplayer works at all.

4:34 PM- Video showcasing titles coming to the PS3.

4:37 PM- Nothing new in here, just a mash up of pretty much all the titles coming out this holiday season and beyond that have already been announced.

4:38 PM- Trailer for the illusive game known as Gran Turismo 5. Hopefully there will be a release date, damnit.

4:40 PM- Lots of cars driving with great detail and HD graphics. Now there is a collaboration between actual car designers and the developers. RELEASE DATE IS NOV 2, 2010!

4:41 PM- Infamous 2 trailer. Lots of breathing and running of the rooftops.

4:42 PM- Cole has a new look and voice actor. Sounds pretty terrible. Um giant monster in the distance ends trailer.Whaaaaa?

4:43 PM- Special surprise. It’s totally Twisted Metal for the PS3. Yup cue ice cream truck music!

4:44 PM- Twisted Metal trucks are now on stage!

4:45 PM- David Jaffe is back with his original series. Looks like Pachter was right!

4:46 PM- Gameplay now on screen! Um helicopters are now in it! First person shooter elements too!!

4:47 PM- Lots of explosions, death, and one liners. This looks really cool!

4:48 PM- Team objective gameplay is now demonstrated. The map is really big with cool skyscraper set pieces. HOLY SHIT THERE ARE MECHS!

4:49 PM- The driving here is over the top and fantastic.

4:50 PM- Damn this multiplayer has great depth!

4:51 PM- Seems like this is coming to an end with closing comments about how this year is going to be the best year in the history of tasteful cheese.

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