Son of an Olympian!!


The title may not be obvious to everyone, but I was referring to Kevin Sorbo, the man who played Hercules in the 90’s television series. He is the major voice talent for the recent Wii exclusive first-person shooter The Conduit, in which he plays a character named Prometheus (he can’t escape Greek myth), a character who guides you throughout the game.

On to the game! The Conduit is one of the Wii exclusive titles of 2009 that is supposed to “save the Wii” in the eyes of hardcore gamers. Hopefully we’ll have more on how that’s going in a different post. Is it capable of pulling players away from their 360’s or PS3’s? Well, no it isn’t. The Conduit is a decent game for people who only own a Wii to be excited about. Everyone else who owns another system, stick to that and don’t worry too much, The Conduit isn’t going to pull you away from most other games.

The Conduit’s plot consists of aliens trying to take over Earth, specifically Washington, D.C., and you being the only man who can stop them. There’s also a shady government organization called The Trust, which is trying to get rid of you, thrown in there for good measure. That’s a short plot synopsis, but that’s really it.

On to the critiques!


  • The controls are completely customizable and very accurate. Just keep a steady hand because it is very sensitive.
  • The sound in the game is pretty good given the weak hardware. It utilizes the Wii-mote’s speaker when reloading, and I’m a fan of games that use that speaker for suttle things.
  • Multiplayer gives it legs. If you only own a Wii and are a fan of frag-fests then this might be your reason to purchase this.
  • There’s plenty of collectible items to scavenge for and alien writing on the wall that you can use the games All Seeing Eye to translate into English. So, if you’re a completionist it’ll give you a good amount of things to spend your time doing along with playing online.
  • The weapons in the game are fairly varied and fun. The alien and trust weapons are a lot of fun to use. There’s a few to choose from, but you can only carry two at a time, so choose wisely.


  • The dialogue is just plain boring and the voice actors themselves sound bored while delivering the lines. It sounds like they just read directly from the script while recording.
  • While the All Seeing Eye (A.S.E.) helps you locate the alien writings and collectible items throughout the game, when you’re forced to use it it can get a bit annoying. There are things called “ghost mines” that you can only see with the A.S.E. and it beeps furiously when you get near one. These mines are seemingly everywhere thus making it chore-like getting rid of them. You also use the A.S.E. to find little pods on the walls you need to activate to unlock a door. The A.S.E. beeps when you get near them, but to me it seemed to only beep for the first few and wouldn’t make a peep for the last one, forcing me to scan all of the walls to find it.
  • The difficulty level can be frustrating at times. It’s more of an issue on the first few levels where you don’t have regenerating health. If you do play The Conduit and you play through the Jefferson Memorial section you’ll know what I’m talking about
  • Lastly, I don’t know why, but for some reason playing this game for around an hour strains my eyes like staring at a computer screen for nine hours straight would do. I don’t know if it’s the textures, the graphics in general, or the way you move, but it irritates my eyes after a short time.

There you go. If you have a Wii and are looking for a first-person shooter fix give The Conduit a rent. If you’re looking for some FPS multiplayer action on your Wii you might want to go ahead and buy it. I’d give it a rent first just to make sure you like it.

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