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Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

Smith Westerns is an indie pop band from Chicago. Dye It Blond is their second album, and first for Fat Possum. It was released January 18th.

Dye it Blonde is a great pop album. It reminds me of Supergrass a lot; these dudes must love Supergrass. It’s got a good jangly pop feel to it throughout most of the run-time. The only issue is even though it’s very good, and one of the better albums of the year so far, it’s not really memorable. I’ve listened to it over five times now and at no point have I found myself humming a song, or thinking ” THIS SONG!? This song rules!” So, in conclusion, this is a ¬†great indie-pop album, but it’s not memorable or engaging enough to be on constant rotation or demand repeat plays. I’ll probably end up eating these words when it comes to the year end list.

Check out this video of Smith Westerns’ single “Weekend” from Pitchfork.com

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