Sleepy Hollow

sleepy holow on foxTonight at 9PM Sleepy Hollow becomes the first new network premiere of the season. It seems like it’s going to be ridiculous, but in a fun, and hopefully entertaining way. Unlike the short story it is based on, where Ichabod Crane is a weakling that is killed by the headless horseman in the 18th century, this is set in the present day and stars a handsome, much less weak seeming Ichabod Crane. He teams up with a black police lieutenant (so of course there’s a slavery reference) to stop the headless horseman, who(m) isn’t just a menacing figure without a head, he’s now one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I hope it’s all as crazy as it sounds. The more ridiculous it is, the more fun it will probably be to watch.

Check out the trailer.

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