Sleepy Hollow Pilot Review

sleepy hollow posterHere’s the deal guys. I may be being premature on this, but Sleepy Hollow is kind of awesome. I guess having people responsible for how Fringe started out creating the show helps out a lot. It’s not going to be getting any acting or “best series” Emmy nominations, and on Fox who knows if it’ll even get to see a full season, but it’s definitely fun. Did I laugh at a couple of scenes that probably weren’t supposed to be funny? Yes, I did. But, it still managed to be intriguing and entertaining.

The mythology of the show seems like a lot to take in at once (the headless horseman is actually “Death” of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, there are good witches vs. bad witches, demons are coming to Earth), but it’s setting up everything for the entire season, and it did a great job of making me want to see more. The teaser for some of the stories to come makes it look a little more like Grimm than Fringe or The X-Files, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A monster-of-the-week show could work as long as it has a strong endgame it’s chugging towards, and Sleepy Hollow seems to be on it’s way.

If you like entertaining TV give this a shot, because it may be sort of ridiculous, but at least it’s not boring.

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