Sleeping is More Entertaining

As you can probably tell from the title, I didn’t like Sleeping Beauty, at all. I don’t know who Jane Campion is, but I’m worried about her if she’s recommending people see this mess.

In Sleeping Beauty Emily Browning plays Lucy: a college student, barista, officer worker, prostitute that is looking for more work as a server at fetish parties. This job would also sometimes offer her the opportunity to take sedatives and let old guys rub on her while she’s sleeping.

I’m not making any of that up, that’s really what this film is about. Lucy is already a prostitute, is in college, and works two legal jobs, but can’t afford to pay her rent. That is, until she gets a job as a sort of living corpse prostitute.

She takes the sedative to sleep, then the guys go in the room while she’s sleeping and do what they want to her. The only house rule is no penetration.

Lucy also has a friend she refers to as “Birdman” that is such an alcoholic he eats a bowl of food(beans or cereal) soaked in vodka.


  • There’s a lot of uncomfortable nudity if that’s your thing.
  • During one of the scenes where she’s being sleep molested a guy picks her up and then drops her. That was very funny.
  • There’s a whole lot of uncomfortable nudity. Naked old men and all. They were definitely trying to take the sexiness out of sex.
  • Lucy has four jobs, yet isn’t making her rent. Why is that? Is she extremely irresponsible? Does she spend all of her money on cocaine? Is Australia the most expensive place to live on Earth? She gets the sleeping hooker job and suddenly she can afford this great apartment with a view.
  • She sees her friend, the Birdman guy, while he’s dying and then a minute later it’s weeks later? She also apparently left him there dead until someone else found him, two weeks after his death.
  • The end is terrible. Lucy decides to use a spy camera to film what goes on after she takes the sedative. We already know what happens, she doesn’t. And even though it wouldn’t be a revelation to us, the very last shot is the spy camera’s recording of something they JUST showed you, two people lying in a bed.
Sleeping Beauty is a film that wants to be artsy so badly that is doesn’t tell you much, and ultimately fails at getting you to care.
It wasn’t thought provoking, nor is it entertaining. I was bored for the entire run-time, and am sad that I’ll never get those minutes of my life back.
You should only see Sleeping Beauty if you hate yourself.

I saw it with my girlfriend, who also wishes she could turn back time and not have seen it. We came up with some suggestions on how to make Sleeping Beauty suck less.
The narrative was such a mess I don’t think it can be saved, so these are generally more aesthetic.

My Suggestion:
They made it too familiar by having the camera in the room and so close during the scenes where the guys touch her while she’s sleeping. I think it would have worked a lot better if it seemed like we were on the outside looking in, and all of the scenes were shot from the window and only that window view.

Her Suggestion:
It would have added to the mystery of the whole thing a lot more if we never saw what happened in that room UNTIL Lucy used the spy camera. During one of the scenes a client burns her with a cigarette and her finding that mark, not knowing how it happened, would have been very intriguing. It also would have made for a much better ending.

Her idea is better than mine. Sleeping Beauty doesn’t do that though, and sucks, really hard, so avoid it.
She wins. If you saw this movie you lose.

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