Skills For Kills

Crackdown 2 is the sequel to the 2007 Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown(surprise, surprise). A lot of people claim the success of that game was based on how the only way to access the Halo 3 beta was to purchase it. Regardless of whether or not that was true, it was still a great game. Could the sequel live up to the original, and maybe even improve upon it?

It could have, but it didn’t.


  • It’s more Crackdown.
  • Orb collecting is just as addictive as it was in the first game. And in this game they’ve added ‘renegade’ driving and agility orbs that you have to chase.
  • The nighttime being completely populated by freaks makes leveling your skills up a little easier. Especially your driving skill. Don’t feel like completing races? Just run over a lot of freaks.
  • The weapons are a little better than the first game. The harpoon is unlockable in-game instead of being DLC and you can rip turrets off of their mounts.
  • When you get your agility to level 5 you gain access to the wing suit that allows you to glide around the city.
  • 4- Player co-op. You can stick together or do different things in the city at the same time.


  • The whole game progression isn’t as good as the original. In the first game you had to kill members of different gangs. And the death of each high-ranking person adversely affected the gang as a whole. That is not the case in Crackdown 2. You just have the freaks and a terrorist group called Cell. I took over all the Cell strongholds in the game, but I don’t even think doing that was mandatory. As long as you set off the beacons to kill the freaks the story will progress.
  • Oh, and those beacon things? You have to protect every one. I kind of hate protection missions and the whole game is based off of them. You don’t even have to die, if the beacon takes too much damage mission over.
  • The competitive multiplayer is fun for a little while, but I don’t see many people putting a lot of time into it.
  • The ending is awful, terribly awful.

Crackdown isn’t really a bad game; it’s just an extremely lazy sequel. I still appreciate running around the city and orb hunting. I also appreciate how upgrading your driving skills is easier this time around. I just think they could have done so much more with this world. Like if a police state took over and you were a ‘rogue agent’ taking the city back for the people and had to fight various ranking officers. That would have been great. Instead they took the same mission and just copy/pasted it throughout the game world. This isn’t Crackdown 1.5(that would have been better) as much as it is Crackdown 0.8. Rent it if you were a fan of the first game. If you’ve never played the first do that instead.

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