The Only Semi-Tolerable Smallville Character Finally Comes to Comics

Yes, Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent’s best friend, sidekick, and could-have-been awesome girlfriend finally arrives in Action Comics because DC continues its trend of taking the characters created for TV and using them in the comics.  I like when good decisions like this happen, primarily because they’re so rare.  I remember them claiming they were going to do this a few years ago and they never did, which I felt was a damn shame.  Clark needs a bit more in terms of supporting cast.  Lois, Perry and Jimmy are cool and all, but for God’s sake, I think we’ve heard enough from them for a while.  Let’s do what we can to keep this Superman progress rolling.  Which we desperately need.  Chloe’s all I really ever loved from Smallville.  So if anything is to come from that show it may as well be this.

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