Screw Your Multiple Batmanses, Giant-Man Returns

Yeah, that’s right son.  Giant-Man, a character name we haven’t seen used in a long-ass time, returns in December in Avengers Academy.  It can only make me imagine that Hank Pym, the man with a thousand codenames and a mean back hand, has finally gone old school because theoretically he’s going to stop being insane.  Remember the Hank Pym that didn’t create killer robots and beat his wife?  Neither do I.  So I think this could be a really interesting return for Hank Pym.  The only disappointing thing is that this is happening in Avengers Academy, and that Hank isn’t on a primary Avengers team to really prove himself.  Granted, this character has been about nothing but proving himself for the past I-don’t-know-how-many years, but he deserves the shot.

I’m going to laugh pretty hard if this ends up not even being Hank in this costume.

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