Sci-Friday – True Blood

True Blood - Vampires count as sci-fi right? Well, maybe it’s more fantasy, but I’m pretty sure living off of blood as vampires do is in fact scientifically inaccurate, which makes it science fiction. The season premiere is at 9PM Sunday night on HBO.

Stargate Universe – The second part of the season finale “Incursion” airs on SyFy at 9PM tonight. If you missed the first part you can catch it at 8PM. Check out a sneak peak below the cut

Doctor Who - This Saturday Night at 9PM BBC America will air “The Hungry Earth” where ‘monsters’ are discovered deep within the Earth. Check out a clip below.

Through the Wormhole – This coming Wednesday at 10PM on Science Channel the episode “The Riddle of Black Holes” will air. I’ll try to get a promo for this up once they release one.

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