Sci-Friday – Through the Wormhole

Through the Wormhole - Maybe it’s time to bring a little more Science to Sci-Friday. On Wednesday June 9th at 10PM on Science Channel, Through the Wormhole hosted by Morgan Freeman(he’s in everything) will make its debut. It claims it will “explore the deepest mysteries of existence”. A promo video that may or may not be saying some people think that The Matrix is real is below the cut.

Doctor Who - Time Lord vs “Dream Lord”. Amy’s pregnant and Rory has a ponytail. What the hell is going on? This airs Saturday at 9PM on BBC America. Trailer below the cut.

Sci-Trek - On the episode “Catch a Liar” they look into the technology used in ‘deception detection’. It airs Monday at 9PMĀ  on Science Channel

Mythbusters - On “Flu Fiction”, this coming Wednesday at 9PM on The Discovery Channel, the team looks at what I’m guessing must be Flu myths. Check out an awesome sneezing clip from the show below.

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