Sci-Friday – Mass Effect

Mass Effect – This is a fantastic game.  It came out in late 2007 for the Xbox 360 and early 2008 for the PC. In it you play as Commander Shepard(male or female depending on your choice), the first human to become a spectre, and the galaxy’s best hope for survival. You are tasked with tracking down Saren, a rogue spectre, who is enacting a plot to destroy the known galaxy with the aid of the inorganic race the geth.

If you have an Xbox 360 and haven’t gotten a chance to play this game it’s currently available in Games on Demand.  Whether it’s available the same way for Windows I am unsure.

Stargate Universe – New episode titled “Human” airs tonight at 9PM EST on SyFy. Promo below the cut.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - New episode called “Death Trap” airs tonight at 9PM on Cartoon Network.  Short clip under the cut.

Doctor Who - Tomorrow night at 9PM on BBC America brand new episode  “The Beast Below” will air. Promo of the episode under the cut.


Death Trap

The Beast Below

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