Sci-Friday – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure - A movie about two slacker friends who are trying to start a band, and because of that aren’t doing too great in school. Unless Ted passes his history class his dad is going to send him to military school. In order to prevent this from happening a man named Rufus from the future tells the duo that unless they remain together the future of humanity is doomed. So, in order to prevent Ted from failing history he lets them use his time-traveling phone booth to gather information for Ted’s report. They accidentally kidnap Napoleon and then decide to kidnap a bunch of other historical figures in order to pass. Uhh…San Dimas High School football rules!!

Smallville -The season finale titled “Salvation” airs tonight at 8 EST on the CW. Promo below the cut.

Stargate Universe - New episode “Pain” airs tonight on SyFy at 9 EST. Check out the promo below the cut.

Doctor Who – “Flesh and Stone” is another creepy weeping angels episode. It airs Saturday at 9 EST on BBC America. Check out the promo below the cut.

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