Robot Chicken – Terms of Endaredevil

The next episode! This is a not-so-live blog of last night’s Robot Chicken.

  • Molarr is back for the second week in a row.
  • Haha, Mo Larrstein
  • Is this an infomercial for people who are worried about whether they can afford to attend college?
  • Thanks to a toupee, that bale eagle is no longer bald.
  • Ugh, I’ll be really surprised if Transformers 3 doesn’t suck.
  • I just started drinking…
  • That was awesome, the Transformers movies suck.
  • I’m not really getting this LEGO thing
  • First, I DO NOT like mustard. Second, this is quite disturbing.
  • Yeah, in Transformers 2 his mom accidentally ate a pot brownie sold at a COLLEGE BAKE SALE. That movie was ridiculous. Was Resident Evil: Afterlife more ridiculous though? That’s something I’d love to have people chime in on.
  • I like pork, a lot.
  • This might be the last time you see Lara Croft with large-ish boobs.
  • I thought this was going to turn into a Temple of…wait, need to google it. Legends of the Hidden Temple! That’s it! I thought this was going to turn into a Legends of the Hidden Temple reference.
  • Haha, I thought that was Aunt May before he walked in. Tobey Maguire looks more manly as a toy. That’s not a diss, he just looks very boyish.
  • Jake Gylllellellenhaaaaal
  • Yeah, Michael Bay is an oblivious racist. If there were Indian cabby autobots in the third movie I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • This He-Man sketch isn’t that funny.
  • Even with the Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore crazy nursing home nurse thing, this still isn’t really funny.
  • Ok, like five seconds into this “Smurfvatar” thing and I’m already like “South Park did it!!”
  • So, it’s officially called “Smurfatar”
  • Ball gargling? Come on guys.
  • This also isn’t that great.
  • Aww, his cat’s dead.
  • This King of Eternia stuff still isn’t funny.
  • And I’m still pissed the monkey isn’t doing something stupid.

  • It was a decent episode. Not as good as other ones I’ve seen. Apparently next week’s episode doesn’t have a Ben Affleck movie in the title. Unless Ben Affleck was in Clerks. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t. So, the dream is dead. ‘Til next time…

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