Robot Chicken – Schindler’s Bucket List

I am finally getting around to this past Sunday’s episode of Robot Chicken, the seventh episode of the current season.

0:00 – Here we goooooo
0:45 - Bass(fish) with a bass(instrument), LAAAAAME
0:50 – Her toy breasts are about to fall out of her toy shirt.
1:58 – I’m not seeing the humor in this. Maybe it’s a reference I’m just not picking up on? That or it’s just weak sauce.
2:01 – Yup, it was weak sauce.
2:20 – Stupid joke featuring one of the monsters from Pan’s Labyrinth
2:29 – Destro roasting Cobra Commando
2:49 – Haha, Storm Shadow is slaying dudes.
3:20 – A lot of dick jokes though.
4:23 – Good thing the red coats didn’t have trick bombs. Or else this might be New England still. Wait, I live in New England.
4:43 – Is that the point of Stratego? That game suck then.
5:05 – Them saying “berry” instead of “very” bothers me. Did they really do that in the cartoon? Kids talk weird enough as is with all their hippity hoppity.
5:50 – Umm, weak. That character wasn’t funny the first time(when they killed the baker dude), and she’s not funny now.
6:29 – Why the hell did a chicken just fight an ant?
6:57 – Kids, can be the biggest assholes
7:12 – DUDE, they killed Gonzo!
7:30 – OMG, did Ms. Piggy just make a Sybian joke? Robot Chicken just raped my childhood.
8:16 – Waldorf and Statler make jokes even while Fozzy dies.
8:37 – The Muppets are getting offed I Know What You Did Last Summer style.
9:03 – Muppet Baaaaabiies, one of them’s going to diiiiiiiie.
10:16 – The conclusion wasn’t that satisfying.
10:30 – Hey, they actually got the guy who does Waldorf and Statler to do the voice.
10:49 – The conclusion to the Jason piece didn’t make it suck any less.

Not the weakest of the season, because I actually laughed, but not as good as the week before either.

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