Robot Chicken – Saving Private Gigli

So, Robot Chicken Season Cinco premiered last night. How do I know that? Because I watched it! Well, I didn’t watch it last night, I actually just did, but it still counts. Want to read a clip-by-clip(like a play-by-play only without plays)of the episode? Why wouldn’t you? DO IIIIIIIIIT!!!!

0:13 It opens like they’re on a boat in World War II storming a beach…
1:22 Everyone’s dead yo, except for the robot chicken, the nerd, and humping robot. Humping robot! Aww, he’s humping his severed arm…
1:27 Yeah, it’s a Saving Private Ryan joke, about which they make a tired old reference reference( I meant to say reference twice). Then a Matrix joke? Sweeeeeet.
1:37 Molarr!
2:01 Everyone’s dead yo. Even Li-Lo
2:06 Hahaha, gummi bear got it’s leg caught in a bear trap.
2:13 Robot chicken blew up the machine gun nest. Is that what it’s called?
2:14 And that was just over 2 minutes of the show.
2:20 Oh snap, 70’s style open ya’ll. Do you think this is because Seth Green was on That 70’s Show for a little while?
2:31 This reminds me of Scooby Doo if they were even MORE blatant about the drug use.
2:35 You know Scooby Doo characters were supposed to be about the “5-college system” in Western Massachusetts? Yeah, the one with the ascot was Amherst College, the two girls were Mount Holyoke and Smith College, and Shaggy was Hampshire College. Which means Scooby Doo must have been Umass Amherst. I graduated from Umass Amherst, so I’m not too sure how I feel about that.
2:52 You really think Predator would use his cloaking powers to watch dudes shower? I don’t know man. And if he caught you he’d definitely kill you.
3:03 Pooping can save suicide victims? Or did she just end up drowning herself anyway? We’ll never know…
3:16 If Up was real, this is probably what would have happened to Carl
4:03 Poor blockheads. They beat Gumby to death with a hammer, then they got the Play-Doh processor.
4:12 “wahnt wah wahnt wah waahnt wah wah.” “WTF?!” I never did understand why the “grown-ups” in that show sounded like they were competing to see who could fit more ping pong balls in their mouths. How did those kids learn anything in school?
4:38 I’m not a Harry Potter fan, so I don’t know/get why Voldemort looks like that…Ahh, he was being set-up for defeat. Meh
5:50 The audience at a show like Stomp are making better music by leaving and shooting themselves than the performers onstage.
6:04 This segment has some pretty graphic suicides. Nothing is too taboo for the people at ROBOT CHICKEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!
7:01 Skydiving fight over a girl? When does this get funny?
7:11 Are all the object falling with them the joke?
7:30 Nope, I think everyone falling to their death was the joke.
7:58 I’m not sure if it’s lack of sleep or what, but this immigrant Doozer is hilarious to me.
9:12 Skeletor rents half of his lair out to frat guys. Renting to frat guys is always a bad idea. If you meet a guy who wears backwards hats and knows ANY Greek letters, stay away!
9:30 How do you hurt a stone fortress though?
11:00 Haha, the result with He-Man was pretty good. Synopsis: The Frat guys are dead.
11:12 Gross dude.
11:13 Credits are rolling. What’s the monkey gonna be doing though?
11:34 Did they run out of stupid things for the monkey to be doing?! FAIL!!!! FAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!!!!!

This episode was pretty good. I love this show, and it’s usually good. I’m saying good a lot….good, good, good.

The next episode is supposed to be called “Terms of Endaredevil”, I hope all the episode titles have Ben Affleck movie titles in them.


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