Robot Chicken – Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

More Robot Chicken was aired on the TV channel from which it usually emanates this past Sunday. Yes, even though people were probably in Super Bowl food comas. Would this episode have woken you from said food-induced slumber?
  • Here we go
  • Flasher in the classroom, because that isn’t creepy at all.
  • Creepy cabbage patch kids farm. At least it’s not garbage pail kids.
  • This whole “dude created cabbage patch kids while jerking off in the cabbage field” thing is going on WAY too long.
  • Is this supposed to be a rip on Thankskilling? Or do they just want to make fun of the turkey pardoning part of Thanksgiving?
  • OOOH
  • RoboCop sexual inadequacy joke
  • Bum fight over a pizza, where is the humor in this?
  • Now sheep are fighting with light sabers. It’s ok, it’s funny because they’re calling it “Clone Wars”….
  • Oh man, ANOTHER Where’s Waldo? Joke….They just did one last week or the week before.
  • Predator texting on wrist weapon thing…meh
  • Cole slaw is pretty gross.
  • Ok, so it’s gross because it’s blended cabbage patch kids, what a tie-in!
  • How far does Dunkin’ Donuts actually go? Is it nation wide, or only East Coast?
  • Compact Disc…umm, guy and Zune Man want to kill Steve Jobs. This could potentially be funny.
  • It had some decent lines about bad Zune design… still haven’t laughed
  • Humping robot just killed a TV and blamed a baby. Not funny.
  • Did Teddy Ruxpin just kill himself so he couldn’t play a Gallagher tape? Why would a guy whose gimmick was smashing watermelons and other stuff ever make a tape? These are the kind of things this show makes me ponder!
  • And, yeah, this episode wouldn’t have been complete without a little bit of suicide!
  • This self-help seminar with all the villains has potential.
  • Starscream is really an asshole.
  • Balls joke, still not laughing
  • Oh and it’s over, yay.

Not only would your food coma have still been raging if you had the channel on Adult Swim at 11:45 Sunday night, if you weren’t yet asleep this might have put you to sleep. You would’ve had messed up dreams, but it still could have put you to sleep.

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