Robot Chicken – Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

So, last week I totally blew it by getting sick. Consequentially there were no Robot Chicken and The Cape blogs. I’m going to make up for them, THEN do this week’s. Here is the run-down from February 13th’s episode of Robot Chicken.

0:00 – Here we gooooo

0:39 – Bart Simpson has been in elementary school for a very long time.

0:55 – He blew up Kobe. I’m ok with that.

1:05 – Nice Pitfall reference there.

1:47 – Brought to you by Michael Bay?

2:00 – Haha, I haven’t seen Back to the Future in a while. Is that really what the characters were like?

2:14 – Aww, poor Aunt May

3:00 – Spider-man prematurely webbed in his pants.

3:26 – It’s ok, maybe he’ll just turn into a spider and give birth to himself now.

3:43 – I thought that was going to be a good Black Swan joke, but it was dumb. Maybe it’s too soon for them to have done something about Black Swan anyway.

4:14 – Wow, Willy Wonka is a baaaad dude. That was some Conquistador stuff right there.

4:50 – I’ll take the physical challenge Marc.

5:40 – This story can’t be real, right?

6:07 – That was a little awkward.

6:45 – That Krusty(is that his name?) is turning everyone into cannibals.

7:19 – Gross dudes

7:22 – Uh-oh. His last name is Stiller ya know.

7:41 – Annoying sidekick elevator, I love it.

8:23 – Haha, it got even better.

8:40 – I thought Andy Richter might have been the guy explaining the ice cream sundae. That pretty much confirmed it.

8:46 – Don’t pinball machines know if you shake them too much?

9:24 – The cookie monster approacheth?

9:37 – E is for Elf, and he’s eating a whole bunch of them.

10:20 – Aww, diabetes

10:45 – He died doing what he loved. Killing elves and eating cookies.

11:08 – Wow, that was unnecessary.


That was a way better episode than the last few weeks have been. It could have been the most entertaining and funny episode of this season so far.

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