Robot Chicken – Kramer vs. Showgirls

As usual, Sunday night brought us another episode of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. Check below for the goods.

0:00 - Here we go
2:05 – That was all just one big LEGO joke about a disaster in a girls imagination? Way to waste 2 minutes of your >11 minute run-time on a joke that had a punch line of “Does she have big tits?”
2:14 – So, James Bond isn’t smooth and kills everyone while falling? LAME
2:23 – American Pie Joke? COME ON?! Have they run out of cool pop culture references?
2:35 – Wilmer Valderrrrrrrrarrarramamamama joke, because apparently Seth Green knows him or something. It wasn’t funny.
2:50 – Oh my god, on an airplane the people that look like ants are really ants? Kill me…
3:02 – Some gross E.T. business. I don’t even know what the hell that was about.
3:26 – This Toy Story skit might just be saving the episode.
3:53 – This is funny, because it’s EXACTLY what a college age kid would be doing.
4:20 – Is it a coincidence that at 4:20 Bong Lightyear makes his first appearance?
5:08 – Ah, euthanasia. Well, someone’s gotta die in this episode.
5:34 – This reminds me of that web comic of John without Garfield. Read that if you haven’t yet.
6:13 – So, essentially John hates cats?
6:16 – Oh, red shirt, this guy’s going to die.  Is that really a joke still? They already have a cologne called “Red Shirt”. Because if you were it, YOU DIE.
7:03 – I hope they’re not saying Darkwing Duck is irrelevant. I’m pretty sure his comic does pretty well.
7:50 – Cults are never a good idea. They’re fascinating to hear about, but never a good idea.
8:45 – Too much time of that was spent on how to make that burger. The time to payoff ratio was something like 10 seconds to 0 “ha’s”.
9:20 – I actually thought Daria was kind of cool.
9:36 – Ah, OK, Daria is a dude named Daryl now.
9:56 – Darkwing Duck, noooooo
10:06 – Eck, Olivia Munn? Why would you invite her to do a voice on anything? To play the pissed off veterinarian I guess.

I’m having a hard time deciding if this episode was worse than last week’s or not. It’s hard to say. Last week the Avatar song was the one and only highlight. This week the Toy Story sketch was the only redeeming section.

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