Robot Chicken – No Country For Old Dogs

I missed this from last week, so I’m making up for it.

Aww, Seth Green’s show used a title from a movie he was in completely for the paycheck! How cute.

Check below for the goodness!

0:00 – Here we go

0:50 – Wow, excuse me for expecting that Short Circuit reference to have some humor to it.

0:57 – And this show might have lost its touch

1:20 – What movie is this supposed to be referencing?

2:01 – By the way, this isn’t funny.

2:55 – Green Arrow!

3:15 – Ok, that Superman/Batman thing made me chuckle

3:27 – He has like tank tracks for “feet”!

4:00- This whole thing is creeping me out. Gary Coleman’s dead man!!!

4:35 – Umm, a Taken reference?

5:48 – Illegal trafficking of organs/AIDS joke. The writers of this show might be 14.

5:58 – Why didn’t he just try to send a transmission for help? Oh, right, because this is Robot Chicken and someone has to commit suicide.

7:19 – Ya know, a friend told me this dude he knows watched this show by accident while on acid once and it almost scarred him for life. I can kind of understand that now.

8:21 – This is INCREDIBLY offensive, but kind of funny.

8:48 –“Gimme candy!” Ahh, ok, this is the shows funny part.

9:30 –Cuba Gooding Jr. didn’t get an Academy Award nomination for Radio. Wanna know why? Because you never go full retard.

9:35 – Wow, just IMDB’d it, and he actually got a Razzie nomination for Radio.

10:21 – I like the way the movie ended better.

10:25 – Oh shit, that was really Gary Coleman.


I’ll do this past Sunday’s later today. I semi-promise.

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