Robot Chicken – Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack

As far as I know Robot Chicken hasn’t aired since March 6th, so I was only 1 episode behind. Score! Check out the goodness below.

0:00 – This better be good!

0:38 – Schwarzenegger doing the running man, the dance; good start.

1:11 – Superman’s adoptive father threatening him with a tall tale. They’re two for two on good references. I haven’t laughed yet though.

1:34 – Ok, the “most interesting man in the world” joke is funny. Those commercials are kind of ridiculous. “Look at me. I’m so cool. I’m not a beer drinker. Why? Because I’m too cool for beer. Dos Equis?! Well, why didn’t you say so?!” RIDICULOUS!

1:54 – Damn, this is awesome. Is Robot Chicken back to form?! Diablo Cody’s dialogue is really terrible. I love that they’re pointing out the lame pop culture jive ass bullshit talk she writes. Side Note: I HATED Juno.

2:32 – 1.) Ahh, damnit, there had to be a suicide reference and 2.) Diablo Cody caused her to kill herself. Robot Chicken’s making enemies yo! I love it.

2:43 – Valuable lesson on needless wars huh? Yeah, I think that lesson iraq was learned.

2:46 – “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start is something we can all live by, it’s not just a video game code, but a code of life.” – I’ve actually heard Jamie say that.

3:26 – These guys are going to be super bummed when they die for the 30th time. It gave you 30 lives right?

3:58 – Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha, just as I predicted

4:25 – A little D&D animated series reference for all you pen and paperers.

5:04 – People do love candlelight vigils, and forever remembering horrible horrible memories.

5:44 – Meh, ghost thing wasn’t funny

5:45 – Cobra!

5:54 – Making a joke about a health insurance plan being called Cobra seems kind of lazy. That was the first thing I thought of when I learned what the purpose of Cobra health insurance was 10 years ago.

6:02 – Mark Hamill keeps saying he’s going to stop voicing The Joker, but you know he totally loves it.

6:38 – How can he still speak?

7:00 – haha, Maurice

7:40 – There’s no way he’s recovering from that

7:59 – Yeah, he crippled your daughter, you explode his head. Seems fair.

8:20 – Remember kids, computers are for more than just porn. Like, say for instance

8:35 – It just got Tron-tastic

9:37 – He just had a pants pisstion

9:59 – Anti-Windows joke. Killer, not killer? Not Killer.

10:36 – People do LOVE playing knock-off Scrabble on Facebook.

11:10 – So Diablo Cody was actually in that episode. Is she admitting her writing is lame and that she was given an Oscar because the Academy wanted to seem like it was “down with the cool kids”?

11:26 – Tiger Blood. Sheentastic.

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