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For I Have Returned!

photo (1)With a shitty front camera ‘selfie’. Have I ever even posted a picture of myself on here before? I probably have, but that is a very recent picture.

After a lengthy five month break of doing nothing with this platform, or any others for that matter, I have decided to get back into telling the few people that may stumble on this site what’s good. I’ve probably mentioned before about my desire to only talk about the things I like and that’s still what I intend to do. If it’s on Never Not a Nerd it’s because it’s good, but then you should definitely read the post about WHY it’s good. That’s it. I’m going to continue to try and fight the fight that is the constant thought in my head that I’m doing this for nothing/no one. Hopefully I do a passable job.

I was going to try and get in the habit of pre-announcing the things I’d like to write about, some before I have the chance to get a hold of them in some way. But, then if I don’t like it I’m kind of shitting on something by omission, so we’ll wait on that.

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