Rest Easier Professional Worriers – UPDATED

Late last week The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists pushed the minute hand back on the Doomsday Clock.  We’re now 6 minutes away from self-annihilation instead of 5!  And there is rejoicing in the streets!

In mid-January of 2007 the clock was moved up two minutes from 7 to 5, so it’s nice to see we’re making some progress as far as that goes.

The clock seems to mostly be based on the worlds stock of nuclear weapons and our strategies for climate change. Since nuclear weapons caches have been lowered and we’re globally handling climate change much better than before they have moved the clock back. Yes! I think they were going to knock it back a minute after Bush, being kind of a war-mongering nutjob who would most likely welcome the apocalypse, was out of office anyway. During the time he was in office, the clock went from 9 minutes until midnight to 5. North Korea and Iran starting/having nuclear weapons programs were big reasons for that change as well though.

I’m not even really sure how much we should worry about the clock being pushed closer to doomsday (though I’m sure some people would), since from 1953 to 1960 the clock was the closest it’s ever been to midnight at 2 minutes ’til. I wonder if that was the inspiration for the Iron Maiden song.

We can still do much better than our current state, since the clock was invented in 1947 the farthest it has been from our inevitable doom was from 1991 to 1995 when it was at 17 minutes until midnight.

So, recycle or be prepared to fight crazed drifters for gas in the post-apocalypse world. Oh yeah, and don’t set off any nuclear bombs. I’m looking at you Skynet.

After seeing that video I can now say I’m 99% sure they were talking about the Doomsday Clock. The song was released in 1984 and during that year the clock was at 3 minutes to midnight.

Here’s a video that is very good for those of you who aren’t huge fans of reading, It explains the changes in the clock and gets multiple perspectives on the issue. Thanks to Rosa from for the tip.

I kind of agree with the guy who said our culture is obsessed with the apocalypse. I think some people are just hoping for it to happen.

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