Red Hood: The Lost Days

Let’s call this a Read These, Burn the Rest “oops” on our part. Later today Red Hood: The Lost Days #1 (of 6) comes out. It’s the story of how Jason Todd, the second Robin, became the anti-hero/villain Red Hood. You should definitely check it out. There’s a gallery of preview pages below.

This six-issue mini-series is leading up to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Under the Red Hood. A straight-to-video animated movie where Red Hood stalks Batman and Nightwing all while trying to rid Gotham of its crime problem one body at a time. Check out the trailer below the cut. I’ve also included some clips from the special features of the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD that explains everything very very well.

Here’s a quote from writer Judd Winick

I’m thrilled to return to this character, and it’s both a joy and challenge to tackle this new story. LOST DAYS tracks the time from the Red Hood’s rebirth to his return to Gotham. In it, we get to understand this anti-hero in a new way. I think it explains both how he’s sympathetic, and an unrepentant monster. He’s a wonderfully complex character, and I hope this adds some even greater depth to his mythology.

Click on the thumbs for the full-sized image

It comes out July 27th

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths special features clips

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