Are You Ready for Tier 1?

Medal of Honor is the series first go at a setting outside of WWII, and boy were we all ready for that day to come. It takes place in Afghanistan and is supposedly based around experiences of Tier 1 Operators. Tier 1 Operators are the Special Special Forces. They’re so bad-ass their identities and even numbers are classified.

Throughout the game you play as two different Tier 1 Operators and an Army Ranger. At first you’re just trying to get Intel on an area, then it becomes about surviving and rescue missions. There’s not too much of a story to speak of here.

Multiplayer, which was developed by DICE (the single player was developed by Danger Close) is supposed to be the “shining star” of this game. It comes off like Bad Company with a little extra thrown in. There’s four multiplayer games modes: two of them are attack/defense based, and the others are versions of capture the flag and team deathmatch. There’s also three classes you can play as, and 15 levels you can get up to.


  • There’s a lot I can appreciate about what I’m assuming to be a realistic portrayal of battle situations. This game doesn’t go crazy with things you do, or that happen in the game. You’re not going to get shot and then set on fire by your superiors in this game. This all seems like things that could have really happened.
  • Being a big fan of objective-based multiplayer I’m a fan of that half of Medal of Honor. Sure, Team Deathmatch is here, but it feels like the objective based modes are what they really want you to be playing.


  • While the campaign is more realistic seeming, it is very short, and it doesn’t give you a clear cut villain like a lot of other games do. There’s not one guy toward the end of the game that you REALLY want to kill, you’re just fighting the Taliban. It gives the story a very bare bones feel to it as well.
  • I like the multiplayer, but I really wonder how many people are still playing it now that Black Ops is out. With only 3 classes to choose from, not many weapon choices, and only 15 levels to get through, this isn’t a very deep multiplayer experience.

Medal of Honor isn’t a bad game by any means. It’s just not great and is going to get lost in the shadows. The Halo people are going to continue playing Reach, and the war shooter people have most likely moved on to Black Ops(it has a zombie mode!). They wanted to tell the story of some of the soldiers who have given their lives for the U.S., and I greatly appreciate that. I just feel like Call of Duty games have almost obliterated the chance for games that don’t have a crazy story and a deep multiplayer to be successful and have longevity.

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