Raiders of the Lost Originality

In Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake is looking for the answer to what exactly Sir Francis Drake was doing during a stretch in his voyage that seems to have been hidden.

Spoiler alert, you realize it’s a city rumored to be “the Atlantis of the sands”, and to simplify it as much as the producers of the game have: it’s up to you to find it before the villains of the story.


  • When this franchise so desires it is spectacular to behold. Uncharted has some of the best action set-pieces in games.
  • Deserving of it’s own bullet is the scene on the old cruise ship. The first half can get annoyingly hard, but the second half is reminiscent of a classic film, and very awesome.
  • The aiming really is as poor as everyone has been saying it is.
  • Some scenes, at least for me, were controller crackingly frustrating. The amount of enemies onscreen at times, coupled with the inability to quickly and easily dispatch enemies quickly, is very annoying. Enemies do that “getting shot with bullets” dance. There are also a lot of enemies in body armor. You’re going to have to carry a sniper weapon most times to deal with them.
  • During a scene later in the game I felt like Naughty Dog wondered how they could ruin the game, and then someone suggested Ghost Rider enemies. When you “kill” one of these enemies his head bursts into flames making him immune to melee, and able to teleport. He’s also invulnerable while in the teleport animation. THEN someone said that wasn’t enough, so they suggested “instead of being able to die after their heads catch fire, let’s give them a second tier of fire heads and have them throw bombs.” So yes, there are enemies in the game that you have to do enough to kill three times over, can teleport, are immune to melee, and throw bombs. Not just grenades that can be thrown back, bombs.
  • This all seems so familiar. They basically tried to remake the final third of Uncharted 2. It’s the same down to the exploration and ultimate destruction of the ‘thought to be fake until now’ magic city that had a natural resource the villain wanted to exploit for their own personal gain. Destroying their chance at said resource is what leads to the destruction of the city AND the death of the villain(s). When the city is crumbling you have to jump along moving segments of ground to escape, and the very last scene is you shooting a character that’s trying to kill one of your friends. After the gameplay ends you show Elena you really love her and the sun sets on your adventure. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME! Come to think of it, you do the whole boat thing to rescue Sully, like you did the train to rescue Chloe during Uncharted 2.
  • Online pass sucks.

  •  The co-op “story” mode is basically your group fighting off waves of enemies in an arena.
Uncharted 3 has its share of problems but it’s not a terrible game. It definitely doesn’t hold a candle to Uncharted 2, and when it comes to similarities is almost the video game equivalent of The Hangover 2, due to the reuse of so many story elements. It’s not as bad as The Hangover 2, but it’s WAY too close to the game it’s following.
Unless you absolutely loved the multiplayer in Uncharted 2, rent this. You’d need to buy it to play the multiplayer, but I think you could do without. The single player only needs to be experienced if you’re a previous fan, or just really curious.


Proceed with caution.


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