Pushers and Movers and Seers, Oh My!


It’s hard to go into a movie while previously knowing who the cast is and having seen a couple of trailers without some bias . It’s even harder not to be biased when the cast consists of Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle (The girl from When A Stranger Calls), and Chris Evans (Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four movies). The three of them are featured on the cover of the DVD / Blu-Ray along with Djimon Hounsou. Wait, Djimon Hounsou? Wasn’t he nominated for two Oscar‘s? What’s he doing in this movie? Oh, well, he was in Eragon and The Island too. Maybe he has a thing for cheesy Sci-Fi movies.

Push is set in what I’m pretty sure is present day China (I honestly forget, sorry). It focuses on people who have special abilities, such as: Pushers, who can ‘push’ ideas into your head and make them seem like your own; Seers, who can see the future; and Movers, who can move things using telekinesis. Djimon Hounsou plays an agent for a group called Division, which is a government organization capturing people with special abilities and attempting to amp up their powers and turn them into a type of super-soldier.


  • Some of the powers incorporated are very cool and desirable. A character you see for the first time about half way through the film can make you see whatever he wants you to in something of a similar shape. For example, he has paper cut into the shape of money in his wallet that he can use as money because he makes everyone else see it as money. Also, who wouldn’t want to be able to see into the future if they wanted to?
  • While you don’t get a complete sense of closure from the way it ends the last scene at least makes you smile.


  • The special effects leave something to be desired. There were a couple of scenes where I couldn’t figure out if things being moved by Chris Evans’ character were supposed to move oddly because he wasn’t a master of telekinesis or were just moving that way because the wires they were dangling from moved. I really doubt it’s the second one, but I feel like they should’ve thrown a line or two in the movie to clear that up.
  • While some of the powers may be cool some other powers are really quite dumb. There are characters called Bleeders that basically just yell things to death. Sniffers can determine the history of an object by sniffing it. And last and seemingly most useless, Shadows can hide something from the memory a Sniffer sees when they sniff something.
  • The plot gets really thick fairly quick. You’ll find yourself wondering who some characters are or how they play into the story. Later in the story the protagonists can’t know what they’re going to do ahead of time because the opposition will know before they do it, so they have to wing it in order to not get caught. It’s pretty confusing and convoluted.

Push isn’t a great movie, but it’s decent for what it is. It’s a middle of the road Sci-Fi movie that’ll eat up almost two hours on a rainy day. If you’re into superhero comics and have a space on your Netflix queue then give this one a shot.

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