Something Something Shih Tzu

Don’t let the trailer/promo posters fool you, Olga Kurylenko is not one of the Seven Psychopaths. She’s barely in the movie at all. I just thought I’d get that out of the way for the thousands of Olga Kurylenko fan club members that read this review. Even though your muse/obsession doesn’t have a big role you should still see this.

Seven Psychopaths centers on Marty(Colin Farrell), an often drunk Irishman screen writer working on his next movie titled, dunh dunh da DAA! – Seven Psychopaths. He’s having trouble writing it though, and the interruptions of his best friend Billy(Sam Rockwell), who thinks Marty’s girlfriend is a “fucking bitch”, aren’t helping. Billy steals dogs for the reward money, and after Marty gets himself kicked out of the place he shares with his girlfriend, he stays with Billy and accidentally gets caught up in his problems after Billy and his partner Hans (Christopher Walken) steal the wrong guy’s Shih Tzu.


  • Let’s get the big one out of the way first. Marty is writing a movie called Seven Psychopaths within a movie called Seven Psychopaths. There are a fair amount of sequences were we see ideas that he or friends of his have for the movie he’s writing. There are also scenes where they describe how something should happen, and then a modified version of that happens to them. It’s almost self satirizing in that way. It’s definitely bold enough to say “here’s how this should happen” and then doing it to full comedic effect.
  • You know how I just said “full comedic effect”? This movie is so damn funny. It’s pretty dark, but so funny. If you can deal with the images you’ll find one of the best comedies of the year.
  • The performances are fantastic. Christopher Walken is one of the best of his time, his delivery is unmatched. Sam Rockwell is great, as usual. Not many people do mentally unstable better than Rockwell. I’d also say this is the best I think I’ve ever seen Woody Harrelson aside from Zombieland. Like Rockwell, he does really well with playing crazy in comedies too. Colin Farrell was very good too, being able to act in his native accent. Which leads me to:
  • Writer and Sting look-alike Martin McDonagh(Google him) lets the characters be from where his actors are from. Irishman Colin Farrell’s character is from Ireland. Australian Abbie Cornish’s character is from Australia. It’s a nice change to see these people not have to focus any of their efforts on speaking like someone else.


  • Here’s where the part about handling the images comes in. This is a very violent movie. It might even be bloodier than Dredd was. A couple left the screening I attended during a particularly gruesome scene and didn’t return. If blood or extreme violence turns you off be prepared to close your eyes.
  • The structure of the story is a bit disjointed. It goes from what’s happening in Marty’s life, to what he’s writing in the film, back to his life, to a story someone’s telling. It still works, but it also makes the movie feel longer than it actually is.

If you’re a fan of Walken, Rockwell, or Harrelson you need to see Seven Psychopaths. Remember, even if you’re a fan of Olga Kurylenko you should still see it. But that’s mostly because everyone should see it. This is a great movie, don’t miss it.

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