Portugal. The Man – In the Mountain In the Cloud

In the Mountain In the Cloud is the Pacific Northwest band’s seventh album and first for major-label Atlantic. I had never heard a Portugal. The Man album before this one, and since listening to it I have checked out their older stuff. I said that because their previous label was Equal Vision, and having liked some bands that were on Equal Vision I was pretty sure most of their acts were metal or hardcore. Turns out I was wrong, but that, for some reason, made me very surprised when I heard In the Mountain In the Cloud. It reminds me of psych-pop bands like Supergrass, Of Montreal, and MGMT. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it seems like they’re going for Bowie, but they end up sounding like a product of bands influenced by Bowie rather than Bowie himself. Check this album out if you’re into MGMT, Of Montreal, Supergrass, etc.

Here’s their first single from the album
Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now) by Portugaltheman

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