People We Admire – James Jean

Taking a look at James Jean today, one of my favorite artists.  He has done the covers to Fables and the first issue of The Umbrella Academy.  He has done posters, prints, and advertisements.  He’s done covers to novels and all sorts of paintings.  God, he just does such amazing, surreal works of art.  In his work you can identify such a fluid understanding of how things flow and how things interact.  Graceful human figures and well balanced placement of all elements works quite well in his work.  So instead of spending too much time trying to describe his colorful masterpieces, I think I’ll just show you some of them.

Yes, he clearly has an amazing sense of balance, tones, and just a spectacular creativity.  He has the power to make things look like legendary scenes of fantasy, which obviously helped him dearly in doing the covers to Fables.  There have been a few collections of Jean’s work, including three volumes of his books Process Recess, and a book called Fables: Covers by James Jean.  On his website he has designed skateboard decks, mint tins for Hint Mint, and his own tea cup and saucer.  James Jean does a great amount of art and an extensive body work.  I would certainly recommend checking out more of his stuff.  Hell, I’ve always said that if a comic version of The Princess Bride were done, James Jean should illustrate it.  That would work so well.  God, I want that so much.

Go check out his website here. You won’t regret it.

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