The People Cry Out For More Tosh.Ohhhh!!

Comedian Daniel Tosh doesn’t NEED your approval, but he’s got it regardless and in a big way.  The star of Comedy Central’s web video based show Tosh.0 recently pulled down ratings in the neighborhood of 2.4 million, a number last reached by Chapelle’s Show in 2004.  In doing so, he also beat out CC powerhouses The Daily Show and The Colbert Report leaving the network to wonder who exactly is buttering their proverbial bread.

At first glance, the program’s format might seem familiar as it showcases different clips and videos from around the internet, but it’s really so much more.  Segments such as the Web Redemption (in which the subjects of said videos get a chance to “redeem” themselves) and related sketches performed by the host give a unique feel to the show that sets it apart from other shows with a similar concept.  However, the thing that really sets it apart is Daniel Tosh himself.  His sardonic charisma keeps you smiling and makes even the most twisted corner of the interweb highly accessible.  If you enjoy laughing at the delusional or other peoples misfortunes then try Tosh.0 immediately.

Tosh.0 is in its second season and airs Wednesday nights at 10:30 EST.  The third season is slated to start in January 2011.

Tosh’s new dance moves! NSFW

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