Parks & Recreation – Sweet Sixteen

This week’s episode of Parks and Recreation was “Sweet 16″, a celebration of Jerry’s 64th birthday. Jerry’s birthday occurs on February 29, meaning it was only his 16th actual birthday, which is quite appropriate for Jerry’s role on the show.
Early on, Ron spends time trying to convince Leslie to take a sabbatical, due to her work schedule in addition to her relentless campaigning, and his first point is the fact that the always thoughtful Leslie forgot it was Jerry’s birthday, causing Leslie to attempt to throw a surprise party for Jerry. Chris and Andy spend time with Champion. Hilarity ensued.

  • Leslie forgetting to invite Jerry to his own surprise party
  • Tom’s list of Oh-No-No’s regarding women, and Ann. Ann is clueless as to who Ginuine is.
  • Alcohol, for allowing April to cope with being stuck in the middle of the Tom/Ann drama
  • Chris and Andy’s teamwork for Champion
  • Ben’s hair and enthusiasm at the party
  • Ron’s “half-ass/whole-ass” ideology he shares with Leslie
  • Ann-centric stories. She’s by far the least interesting character on the show (to be fair, it has to be SOMEONE..), but at least they’re trying by surrounding her with the over the top Tom and the hate/subtlety/deadpan machine that is April.


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