Parks & Recreation – Lucky

In the last episode before a four week break for Parks & Rec, entitled “Lucky” we find Leslie getting ready for a television interview with Buddy Wood, who is known for getting candidates in Indiana elected after a strong interview and endorsement. Buddy is forced to cancel which sends Ben into an overworking mode, and allows Leslie to go out for a few drinks with Tom and Ann…which backfires when Buddy can indeed have the interview due to a delayed flight.

Andy passes his women’s studies class he was taking and heads to a celebratory dinner with April, Ron, and Linda (Andy’s teacher, played by Danielle Bisutti). April spots Chris and invites him to eat with them and tries to get Linda and Chris to hook up.

  • We get to encounter drunk Leslie again, who is always guaranteed chaos. It seems nearly the entire cast of the show has a fantastic ability to play drunk.
  • The writers realizing not EVERYONE has to be dating someone, such as with things not working out with Chris and Linda, because she claims to have just been out of a relationship.
  • Ron clearly charming Linda, as is obvious when Chris leaves and Linda immediately invites Ron over for the night.
  • Ron in his Tiger Woods attire.
  • April continually trying to (or incidentally causing people to) get people to hook up. It backfires on her in some way every time, which works great with her “why do/should I care?!” attitude
  • Nick Offerman wrote this episode, which seems fitting in retrospect, with how Ron’s character ended up playing a both background and central role, depending on your point of view (he barely speaks after the first 3-4 minutes of the episode, then finishes strong at the end)
  • I REALLY wanted to see how Leslie’s drunken interview would effect her campaign, so the destruction of the tapes by the airline workers she was friendly with was a bit of a let down.

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