Panda Watch!

giant panda

Thanks Ron, this is Brian Fantana reporting from the San Diego Zoo….wait, no.

Seriously though….. there was an article on MSN last week from Rueters  about how Chris Packham, a British naturalist, thinks we should let giant panda’s die out because we’re spending too much money on keeping them in existence.  He blames the pandas fate on no one other than the panda’s themselves, referring to them as a weak species and having “gone down an evolutionary cul-de-sac”.  I assume he knows what is causing the major problem pandas are facing.  If you yelled “PEOPLE!!” than you’re correct.  Yes, giant pandas may only eat bamboo, but humans have destroyed most of their food supply, that’s why they’re endangered. To make a comment like Chris Packham did is kind of stupid and irrational.  I wonder if he would hang himself (I’m not saying he should, nor do I want him to) if every time he tried to eat something a giant panda smacked the bowl from his hand.  Because spending money to aid him in survival would be too costly, and of course he would have obviously put himself in that situation voluntarily.

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