Moon of my Life

The genie from Aladdin got bad ass.

The Eric Andre Show

The craziest late night show on television has a brand new episode tonight. Check it ouuuuuuuut!

Mob City

The Frank Darabont mini-series begins tonight. Indiewire called it “so noir it’s almost silly”, but I think we should all give it a shot. TNT knows drama.


Most kids will never learn what the majority of these are. I saw a movie projected on film this past weekend and it was refreshing.


This show is better than your preconceived notions are having you believe.

Bounty Hunter

I bet his ship would have some cool racing mods.

Regular Show

It’s the Thanksgiving special tonight! Make sure you check it out.

Monsters Friends

I didn’t really know Mike was magical. His telekinesis must be strong to be keeping Sully in the air.

Mega Turtles 3

The only problem with this is if you killed Shred Man first, most of the other bosses would lose their way.


Remember a month ago when I said Eagleheart’s upcoming season would basically just be a movie split into 10 parts? No? Well, anyway, it started last week.